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8 Reasons That make us Different From Other Law Firms

Geiger Law Office – A Carlsbad Practice Devoted to Trusts, Estates & Business Planning

Geiger Law is experienced in TrustsEstate Planning, and Business Planning law in Carlsbad and we take the time with you to develop the best course of action for you and your family while establishing a trust for your children, planning your estate, or business planning for the long term. We use our knowledge and expertise to counsel you on the best course of action to take in protecting your family (and your business, if you have one).

Geiger Law does not provide one-size-fits-all trusts, estate plans, or business succession plans. We instead concentrate on developing estate plans that suits your personal needs, a trust that protects your children in the best way possible, or a business succession plan that suits your organization’s needs. Tax laws inevitably change, you can count on that. Family dynamics and financial circumstances also change over time. As a result, Geiger Law Office in Carlsbad has designed a unique annual maintenance plan to help ensure your plan will work when it needs to.

A Lifetime Relationship With Your Attorney

Geiger Law is unique in that we make an extraordinary effort to get to know you personally, and stay in touch with you and your family for years to come. We pride ourselves on delivering the best client experience for all families every time we come in contact with them, whether it is on the phone, or in a face to face meeting. Many law firms in Carlsbad try to “disengage” from their clients once they’ve completed their legal work, fundamentally treating their clients like a docket number. We, however, prefer to remain in contact with you on a regular basis. This helps us ensure that if there have been any major changes in your life or in the tax laws, that we can act promptly and address those changes with you to make sure your estate plan, trusts, or business planning will work as intended.

Our Signature Client Care Program™

Another benefit that separates Geiger Law from other law firms in Carlsbad is our Signature Client Care Program™. The program includes simple amendments to your trust plan documents during the yearly subscription period, a one year subscription to Legal Directives (a health care document banking service), unlimited calls to our office for the next year, annual updates to your trust funding (if required), an invitation to our annual Trusts & Estates Lecture, a new set of Power of Attorney documents, and a subscription to our e-newsletter, the “Wealth Advisor.”

Trust Funding Services

Unlike many law firms, we help you completely fund your trust, whether it’s with our guidance or because you have hired us to completely fund your trust.  This means drafting a Trust Transfer Deed for your home, creating and having you execute an Assignment of Personal Property to your trust, assisting you in re-titling any brokerage or other accounts, and obtaining beneficiary designation forms for your life insurance and retirement accounts, as necessary.  Your trust is most effective only when the complete funding is done, so that your plan will go according to the “plan”.

Collaboration with your Other Advisors

In addition to the extraordinary differences listed above, when you choose us to advise you, we strive to enhance your existing relationships by bringing your team of professional advisors together (CPAs, financial advisors, insurance advisors, etc.), as each has a unique prospective and knowledge of your family and your life. Working in concert together, we can provide you with the best plan to protect your hard earned assets, protect your children and provide a legacy for your family.

Advanced Estate Planning

Geiger Law’s also counsels and advise our clients on advanced estate planning in the Carlsbad area. Many firms steer clear of this area of planning due to the complexity of the tax law involved. We counsel our clients in this area because we know that often clients with a modest net worth today can become clients with a high net worth tomorrow. Geiger Law devote and limit our practice to estate planning and business planning because we need to be experts in these two areas for our clients.

Trust Administration

Upon the death of a loved one, it only makes the most sense to revisit the attorney or firm that originally created your estate plan documents. However, many firms in Carlsbad operate on a trust-mill mentality (trying to create as many “canned” estate plans as possible to drive income into their coffers) without offering trust administration or probate services when a client passes on. However, Geiger Law is there for you and your family when a death occurs. We offer trust administration and probate services to our clients. We never want a client or their family to feel like they are out there alone, especially at such a trying and sad time.

Business Succession Planning

Geiger Law also counsels our clients on matters of business succession planning in Carlsbad. This type of planning is especially important to our family operated business owner clients because there can be many opportunities to transfer the family business into the hands of their children in a tax efficient and seamless way with proper planning.