10th Annual Trusts and Estates Symposium 


Trusts and Estates Symposium


Valerie L. Peterson, J.D, Chief Executive Officer of ElderCounsel, LLC
Creative Planning Techniques for Aging Clients. 




Matthew T. McClintock, JD, TEP, Evergreen Legacy Planning, LLP, Bespoke Protector Company, LLCTailoring the Role of Trust Protectors in Long Term Trusts The potential role of trust protectors in long-term trust design; U.S. case law and statutory law to understand planning options; Organizing trust protector powers; and Drafting issues for maximum impact.




Jay Henderson - Founder of Realtalenthiring.comHow to Get Your Team to Achieve More and Love It Three Take- Aways: How to get more profits, get control in your business, greater success and freedom.



David M. Frees, III, J.D., Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees: How the Skills & Tactics of Business and Hostage Negotiators Can Put Clients in Your Practice, Build Your Personal Wealth, and Even Improve Your Family Life & Health.  




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Estate Planning Educational Sessions

Would You Like Brenda to Speak at Your Child's School

or at Your Church on Estate Planning?     

Brenda Geiger is on a mission! She wants to help inform, educate and help protect at least 100 families in the north county by the end of 2017. Brenda regularly speaks at various events where she's educating on topics such as protecting minor children, protecting an aging parent and setting up a sound and protective estate plan for families.   

Do you have a school or church director you would like her to talk to? If so, please call our office at (760) 448-2220 and ask for Lisa. Or reach out to Lisa at [email protected]. She will answer any questions you may have and appreciate the referral to help us coordinate an educational opportunity with Brenda and your respected school or church!