Estate Planning for your retirement accounts is different than for the other types of assets that you own. In this day and age where a typical family can have more than a quarter of a million dollars in retirement funds or more, it is critical to know and understand the options for planning for this special class of asset. And making sure that your retirement accounts are inherited in the right way by your children is not just for the wealthy.

We have devoted our practice to offer this special type of estate planning for our clients in order to help them ensure that their IRAs or other retirement accounts can stay in a tax deferral status for a lifetime after they are gone and to protect their children from divorcing spouses, lawsuits, creditors, and bankruptcy. We do this by helping our clients set up a Retirement Plan Trust to act as the receptacle of the required minimum distributions from their retirement accounts for the benefit of their children or other important beneficiaries after they are gone.

To learn more about Retirement Plan Trusts and discover if this type of planning is right for you and your family, request a free copy of our book Protecting Your Children's IRA Inheritance With A Retirement Protector Trust