It has been a few years since we last updated Secrets of Great Estate Planning. We quickly realized this year that we needed to in order to help our clients and colleagues better understand some of the complexities within estate planning due to several law changes.

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Key takeaways from this new edition of the book:

●  What Probate is and why to avoid it

●  How to fund assets to a revocable trust

● How to protect a beneficiary’s inheritance from creditors, predators and divorce

● How to choose the best marital funding formula in a joint married couple trust

●  Estate Planning for retirement accounts

●  Protecting rental real estate with an LLC

● The top 25 mistakes people make in their estate plans and how to avoid them

If you have any questions or if you, a family member or friend needs help with their estate plan, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help. To get your free copy today, just pay shipping and handling, by calling 760-448-2220 or fill out our contact us form on the right!