1.  The Successor Trustee(s) I have selected are up-to-date with my current wishes. True __ False __

2.  The legal guardians that I’ve selected for my minor children are the current and up-to-date guardians that I would like to take temporary and permanent custody of my children if I should become incapacitated or die. True __ False __

3.  If I own rental real estate, I have moved that real estate into an LLC.  True __ False __

4.  If I have opened any new bank accounts since I last updated my trust, I have moved those bank account into trust title. True __ False __

5.  If my spouse and I have more than $250,000 in retirement accounts, we have considered setting up Retirement Protector Trusts to protect our children to stretch out the retirement accounts and provide asset protection for those children. True __ False __

6.  I have confirmed that my retirement account beneficiary designations are current and list contingent beneficiaries (that are not minor children). True __ False __

7.  I have set up continuing trusts in my revocable trust to protect my children and to provide them with asset protection from creditors, predators and future divorcing spouses. True __ False __

8.  I have a statutory power of attorney and an expanded durable power of attorney to protect me in the event that I become incapacitated. True __ False __

9.  If I’m over the age of 55, I have considered purchasing long-term care insurance to protect my family in the event that I need long-term care down the road. True __ False __

10.  I have completed the funding of my trust. This includes re-titling all non-business bank accounts, LLCs, LPs, non-retirement brokerage accounts, stocks, corporate interests,  and real estate to the name of my revocable trust, updating all of my retirement  plan beneficiary forms, and updating the beneficiary forms for my life insurance. True __ False __

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