Most banks prefer that you and your spouse come to a local branch of the bank and complete their trust transfer form. Typically this is a one or two page document that will ask you to list the name of your trust, the date of the trust and who the current trustees are. If you and your spouse are the ones that created the trust, you are probably also the trustees of the trust if the trust is a revocable trust. Some banks will also ask you to list who the successor trustees are on their form. The reason they may want this information is so that they have on file who will have the ability to take over at trustee if you become incapacitated or passed away. If something were to happen to just one spouse, most revocable trust documents are drafted so that the other spouse can take over as the sole trustee of the trust (and that bank account). The bank is likely also going to request a copy of your Certification of Trust. This is typically a two page document that lists the name of the trust, who the current trustees are, what the tax ID number is (usually your social security number if its a revocable trust) and the address of the trustee. In some circumstances, the bank will also request the first and last pages of the trust document to verify the date it was executed and that it was notarized.