Estate planning doesn't have to be difficult. But it should follow a step-by-step process to ensure success now and in the future. Below are the seven steps to getting your estate plan done or updated the right way.

Client Journey

Step 1: Schedule a call with our intake department by calling (760) 448-2220 or going to (or via our chat function on our website). During this call, a caring intake professional will discuss your case and goals with you, discuss what to expect next and schedule you for a meeting with one of our attorneys. Our intake team will also set up your client portal so that you may upload confidential documents and communicate easily with everyone assigned to help you with your case.

Step 2: A welcome package will be mailed to you that will include your client questionnaire, your attorney's bio, educational materials, directions to our office, and information about other clients' experiences with our law firm.

Step 3: At the designated time, you will meet with your attorney via Zoom, on a conference call or in person (depending upon your preference and schedule). Since your attorney will have already reviewed your file beforehand, he or she will then walk you though a series of questions to discover the best estate plan to design for you and your family. At the end of that meeting, your attorney will get you scheduled for your next meeting (your estate plan document signing), discuss our fees for engaging our firm and explain the process for easily executing your engagement letter on our client portal.

Step 4: About 4-7 days prior to your estate plan signing meeting at one of our offices, you will receive an email from our legal team attaching your trust summary, names and fiduciaries list and your health care directive (and if you have minor children, your nomination of guardians) to review before your signing meeting. This allows you to review, ask questions or make changes before coming in for your signing.

Step 5: At your scheduled signing appointment, your attorney will check in with you at the beginning of the meeting to see if you have any questions. Then, the notary will walk you through the signing of your documents, notarizing your signatures. At the end of the signing meeting, you will be scheduled for your funding meeting with our funding coordinator. This is the meeting where you pick up your estate plan binder and review the next steps to follow with banks and financial institutions.

Step 6: At your final meeting, you will meet with our firm's funding coordinator to review the next steps to follow at the banks and financial institutions to ensure your assets are properly titled or coordinated with your estate plan. At this meeting, your funding coordinator will deliver your estate plan binder for you to take home.

Step 7: Lastly, share your experience with friends, family and others with an online review via Google or Yelp. Many of our clients have found us through an online search and are grateful for being able to read the experiences of our other clients to help them understand what to expect.

If you need help establishing or updating an estate plan for yourself, a loved one, friend, or client, reach out to our intake team at (760) 448-2220 or through our contact page at 

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