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It’s a “Strange” Contest!!


When you hear the word, inheritance, realistically most people will naturally associate that with the receiving of money. Well, that is just not always the case. In fact, more than not people are passed some very unconventional family heirlooms. Items that are beyond the good silver, the baby grand piano, the family lake house or your Great Grandmother’s engagement ring. Heirlooms represent not only just wealth but family history and memories.

Interestingly, Fox Business Network has zeroed in on this phenomenon with their show “Strange Inheritance” hosted by Jamie Colby. The show uncovers the unique treasures and one-of-a-kind artifacts left to families. She takes you along through their awe and struggles as they decide what to do with their new peculiar or sometimes priceless possessions. This is the show where secrets get discovered and interesting histories get uncovered.

This show really got us intrigued! So now it’s your turn! We decided to make it a contest. We want to hear from all of you. All you need to do is email your story to Lisa at or go straight to our Facebook page and post it, (don’t forget to like us!) and describe the mysterious or unusual item that you or someone you know received as an inheritance. Don’t leave out the details either! Be sure to send a photo along if you have one and tell us how the inheritance changed your life.  The Geiger Law Office team will choose the winner with the most unique story and our lucky winner will receive a $50.00 gift card to Cinépolis and a $75.00 gift card to Miguel’s Cocina for a fun evening out. So, hurry up and get your story in today, our deadline is on August 31st. We will announce the winner on Wednesday, September 6th. Good luck! 





Estate Planning Educational Sessions

Would You Like Brenda to Speak at Your Child's School

or at Your Church on Estate Planning?     

Brenda Geiger is on a mission! She wants to help inform, educate and help protect at least 100 families in the north county by the end of 2017. Brenda regularly speaks at various events where she's educating on topics such as protecting minor children, protecting an aging parent and setting up a sound and protective estate plan for families.   


Do you have a school or church director you would like her to talk to? If so, please call our office at (760) 448-2220 and ask for Lisa. Or reach out to Lisa at She will answer any questions you may have and appreciate the referral to help us coordinate an educational opportunity with Brenda and your respected school or church!